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Martin McIntyre

An acclaimed author, Bàrd and storyteller, Martin Macintyre has worked across these genres for over 20 years. In 2003 Ath-Aithne (Re-acquaintance) - a collection of short stories - won The Saltire Society First Book Award. His latest novel Samhradh '78 (The Summer of '78), launched in July 2018, was longlisted for the Saltire Fiction Book of the Year and Ath-Aithne was published in French as Un passe-temps pour l'été (A Summer Past-time) - a first for Gaelic fiction!

Foghar Dhùn Èideann

Martin McIntyre

Màrtainn Mac an t-Saoir
Martin MacIntyre

Tha foghar Dhùn Èideann
a’ fàgail na cuimhne
gun phuinnsean:
na dhonn-bhlàths
na odhar-shràidibh
na ruadh-fhàilte
na òr-bhuidhe chàirdeas

agus anns an luaidh lachdainn
a nì a gheamhradh air an-dràsta,
cha dèan e dearmad air
meud na duillich,
cha chàin e mealltachd
gach maidne as àille,
cha chaoidh e òige chaillte
na chomh-thràth tràighte.

Saoraidh e a sholas dìblidh
bho chiont na Dùbhlachd
is caisgidh e a mheallan dubha
bho ùth am màthar bàsail.

Edinburgh’s Autumn (translation of the above)
Edinburgh’s autumn
leaves the memory
without poison:
in her brown warmth
her dun streets
her russet welcome
her golden companionship
and in the swarthy homage
which her winter now pays her,
it won’t neglect
the mass of foliage,
it will not decry the beguilement
of each more beautiful morning,
it will not rue lost youth
in her sapped twilight.
It will absolve feeble light
from the guilt of December
and wean the black showers
from the udder of their deathly mother

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