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Clear blue


A little green friend

Gagged by a cork 

Inside a message 

meant for no one and everyone 

I hate the beach, 

but I stand 

With my feet in the sand 

Being the only one

Present at my little friend’s

Close-to-Viking send off

Being battered by waves 

Off on an adventure 

being oh so brave 

Being taken by the big blue

So clear

It would invite you 

But as soon as you touched the sea 

You would shiver 

Only to realise 

this isn't as warm as a river 

Seeing a glimpse 

A small sparkle of green 

against a universe of blue 

Like a lone star 

In a light polluted night 

Thinking of where the bottle would go 

left me awake at night 

A message not known to all

But could be known to anyone

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