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Reaching out to the whole world

We have invested in developing a website through which we will be sharing information about our increased programme of events and details about the festival itself. Having this online platform will also increase our ability to let a wider community of people know about The Wee Gaitherin and the wonderful poetry being created and shared; performed and cherished, and inspired during our festival, and the other activities listed above – via special news items, features, audio and video recordings and through celebrating and linking to the poets who get involved through all of these possibilities. We are also delighted to be able to direct people all around the world to Stonehaven, a place we love dearly, and have felt so welcome to be part of. We know that all who see how special Stonehaven is will want to experience that welcome too.

We want to thank The National Lottery Community Fund Scotland, for their commendation of The Wee Gaitherin in making this award to us. We also want to thank Aberdeenshire Council for a contribution of funding from the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee Budget 2023/24.

We are also very grateful to those local partners and collaborators who have been supportive towards us being able to make this successful application and developing our increased and improved ways of sustaining The Wee Gaitherin as a key cultural event based in the North East, reaching out to and being reached into too nationally, across England, Wales and Ireland and farther afield. Special mention must go to Pupils and staff at Mackie Academy; Live Life Aberdeen and the team at Stonehaven Library; Mearns Writers; Stonehaven Community Centre; Stonehaven Bowling Club, and Drunk Muse Press. We can’t begin to tell you how much it means to us to have received such encouragement and goodwill from the wide community of ‘wee gaitherers’, all those of who have been getting involved in the festival and other activities, giving of your time, thought and brilliance towards helping us to continue as Scotland’s most democratic poetry. We look forward to continuing together with you all, sharing that immense goodness that poetry is and can do for the world.


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